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 Incase you retards didn't read my profile page, I'll copy paste it here again.


I'm Kelly, I'm 20 and from Nebraska. 5'9, 120 lbs, 34b, blue eyes, long blonde hair.

I'm a Princess. I like nice things and I want it all. I'm fucking amazing and I deserve to be spoiled. Expensive dinners, gifts, shopping sprees, all the girlie things I enjoy like make up, shoes, manicures and pedicures. It turns Me on when worthless men spend their hard earned cash just for a moment of My attention.

All My life I have had men complimenting me, begging for My affection and throwing themselves at Me. I started to get a sick arousal for taking advantage of their admiration and using it against them. These weak men are worth nothing to Me other than to entertain me. I laugh in their sorry faces as I take their life savings without a second thought, then they go out and work twice as hard to bring Me back even more money! They are willing to do anything I ask just for a chance to buy Me a new pair of shoes to lick! If you think you can truly afford My demands, get ready to have your wallet raped dry.

Request the honor of paying My monthly living expenses.

Rent - $800
Cell Phone - $60
Groceries - $200
Hair Salon - $200
Manicure/Pedicure - $60
Makeup - $100
Clothing - $300
Shoes - $200
Parties - $100


I will not read your application without a minimum of a $50 tribute. This is strictly for My time spent reviewing your application, it does not go towards serving or seeing Me. Once I read it over, if I like what I see I will contact you. Exceeding the $50 tribute and showing respect is a plus. Begging and pestering will get you on My bad side!!!!

Full Name -
Age -
Location -
Email -
Yahoo -
Phone Number -

Job -
Monthly Income -
Income after Expenses -

Marital Status -
Living Arrangement -

Turn Ons -
Turn Offs -
Webcam? -
Type of Servitude Interested In -
Amount of Cruelty Interested In -
Experience/History with Mistresses -
Long-term, Short-term, Occasional Serving -

Monthly $Tribute$ Ability -

I allow subs to worship and admire or be degraded by Me for $4/min. I am not your plaything, you are MINE; My toy to humiliate and fuck with.

Legs/Ass/Feet Worship - Marvel over my perfect Goddess given body.

Cuckolding - Pay for My dates with MEN who can please me like you could only dream of.

Sissy Training - I instruct you on how to shave, apply your make up, pick out and put on sexy lingerie, dresses and costumes. Tasks may include house cleaning, shopping and other parts of becoming a woman.

Small Penis Humiliation - Simple as it sounds. You were disgraced with a slithering inch worm down below and I just can't contain my giggles about it! What could be more fucking entertaining?!?!

Forced Intoxication - Drunk druggie low lifes will love this one. Pick up your poison of choice and get STUPID! You completely humiliate yourself doing things you'll never remember in the morning until I show you the pictures and you notice you maxed out on your credit card the night before!

Ignoring - Call my Ignore Line or pay to view Me on cam. I'll do whatever the hell I want, I can't see you, I can't hear you, you aren't there. You don't exist. The thought of you wishing you meant more to me tickles me and really gets me laughing like crazy! Knowing you are listening to me on the other end, so interested in my exciting life whether I'm out shopping, on a date, sleeping, having lunch.. Or I'm with my girlfriends and you have the lucky chance of hearing us talk and laugh about this fucking LOSER who keeps paying to call me and I don't even give him the time of day! Hilarious!

Call Button

REMEMBER - Serving me is a PRIVILEGE. I'm here for My own selfish desires, not to watch you jerk your dick off to My pictures and webcam! I don't give a fuck about your cum other than to make you EAT it. Your tiny shriveled wee willy winky is a joke to Me. When you drop your pants I laugh so hard I can hardly breathe!

Your purpose in life is to give this Greedy Princess exactly what she wants, and entertain Me the best you can. Your greatest and only JOY in life comes from thanking Me as I spit in your face and steal every last penny from your bank account. You'll forget you ever had a life, a home, valuable possessions - all things you will sacrifice for your Mistress. Piggy will eat pube sandwiches to save money so that Princess may go out for her lobster dinners. You will trade in your flat screen for a TV as used and worthless as you are. Your friends will no longer come over to watch the game because you will cancel your cable so you can afford Princess's new platform shoes each month. The same shoes she will trample any of your remaining manhood with. Prepare to give your LIFE to ME. You are NOTHING without Me but a lost, hopeless piece of trash. With Me you will gain the rare chance to be a minuscule part of a Great Goddess's life - Your biggest achievement.

All the best posts are FRIENDS ONLY and friendship is only accepted with a tribute or giftcard. Time to pay up, piggies!

XOX, Kelly



Up soooo late...

Tonight was a weird night. I was on the phone w/ cust service for my prepaid for literally an hour, and you know how that goes... Problem *not* resolved and when I told them they were losing a customer and they better do something to fucking fix it the guy stumbled around his words and said he didn't know anything. Seriously. I would have bitched for longer but I had already wasted a god damn hour with this lunatic and was getting heated so I just hung up. That put me in a bad mood and then I had like half a cup of coffee, I guess caffeine really affects me cuz I got all gross and jittery, abnormal.

I got some food and felt a bit better but since then I've been up just screwing around. Hung out with ppl for a while now it's 6:30 am and I'm still awake can't get to bed. I wish sleeping didn't take so long.


Okay I've had like Idk 4 beers.... I'm pretty tipsy and giggly lol. I need someone to make fun of!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I've been wasting time allll night looking at shoes and mini-dresses online.

Check these out...


I've wanted those for so long. BUY THEM FOR ME. Or send $100 giftcard to sexykellysunshine@yahoo.com so I can buy that shit myself.

I got sushi tonight!!! Just like I said I would. It was fucking gross though, I know it sounds well, obvious since it's sushi but, it was toooo fishy. The flavors just didn't compliment each other. Too fishy, smoky and sour. I always go for the crazy specialty rolls, that's usually my problem. I try the most insane thing on the menu and it ends up being sloppy and sick. I should stick to california, philly and caterpillar rolls, and nigiri!!! mmmm and flying fish roeeee hehehe <3 <3 I guess I'll be going out for sushi again tomorrow night since the losers at the restaurant tonight don't know what the fuck they're doing, ick.

ANYWAY enough FOOOOD CRAP, I went to Victoria's Secret tonight. AHH I love their new stuff. The past year they have really been doing well haha. I fucking love COLORS and every other thing I look at is NEON which is just me. You dorks need to take me on a shopping spree there ASAP.

Grarrrr I'm bored now..

Sushi, Yumm...

I'm thinking of going out for Sushi today, maybe with friends, maybe with my boyfriend. All I know is I want a tasty expensive dinner tonight and I'm going to get it. Maybe I'll have a few drinks, get laid, THEN if I feel like it I'll come back and check on you fuckers.

I'm still wondering if livejournal is even worth my time. I haven't come across enough active d/s groups but I'm sure I'll find more later. The majority of dudes I have ran into can hardly speak english and don't even know what a credit card is! What the hell am I supposed to do with someone like that? Haha. "Get to know them?" NO THANKS! I can hardly even stand the losers who PAY me to deal with their bullshit, and I'm not gonna deal with that crap for free hahaha. Get a fucking clue.

Anyway, I'm setting up a new amazon wishlist today. I don't have a P.O. box so I'm having it shipped to one of my modeling managers a few states over and then forwarded to me. I'll be able to receive gifts in no time, YAY. I LOVE shopping, it's the best. I can never have enough stuff! I'm dying for a new pair of platform sneakers or boots, and with spring coming it's almost time to start shopping for sandals. I'll definitely need a pedicure bitch by then since it will be *toe season* haha. Peep-toe shoes and even walking around barefoot, I love it.

See ya freaks later!

xx, Kelly


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